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New Website / New Album

Welcome to the new website!

Ortaka was in the process of evolving from a bedroom-bound recording artist into a real world live band with a real living-breathing-stick-spinning-drummer (and a dented laptop). But just as we were reaching our zenith in the rehearsal space and were ready to take on the world Covid struck and Ortaka had to return to being a bedroom-bound recording project (with a dented laptop). Only for the short term! Lockdown can’t stop us writing, editing, recording, mixing and mastering. And when the virus passes, Ortaka will emerge and start gigging and buying country houses and running around our vast grounds in underpants carrying a crossbow.

The debut album (You Are Not Special) has been available for a while now and the new album is in the works called Tinku and will be out very, very soon. Very, VERY soon.

In the meantime, please check out You Are Not Special here on the website, or YouTube or Spotify and stay tuned.

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